Customer Loyalty Types

by Melissa Shipler
Do you know who your raving fans are? What is the difference between an Avid Promoter and an Avid Passive? Use the Avid Customer Loyalty Graph to find out. Here’s how:

  1. Log into Avid Reports using your Login ID and password.
  2. Once logging in, you will be on the Dashboard where you can see your Customer Loyalty breakdown.
  3. Click on “Launch App” in the upper-right corner of this graph to be taken to the data within Survey Explorer.
  4. Once in Survey Explorer, you will see your Customer Loyalty graph again and a filter section along with several different options by which to filter your surveys. Click on the Customer Loyalty Type that you wish to view. In our example, we select the “Promoters” box in the filter section:
  5. Doing so will filter all your surveys so that only your Avid Promoters are displayed. From here you can view each of the surveys with this Loyalty Type.
  6. Click on the Customer Loyalty icon to display the description of the Loyalty Type and next steps.
  7. Want more descriptions? Click on the icon again to bring up descriptions for each Customer Loyalty Type as well as next steps.