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Avid Ratings lets you understand everyone and everything that shapes your brand. With the introduction of the AvidCX platform, home industry professionals can now measure, understand, and improve how their brands perform at every touchpoint. AvidCX is the first-ever 360º platform that cost-effectively measures and analyzes each step in the total brand experience.

Digital Dashboard

Avid Ratings provides a customized dashboard revealing your scores against competitive benchmarks and customer-experience trends, while highlighting recurring events so you measure, monitor, and optimize the experience real-time, creating loyal brand advocates along the way.

  • Avid Reports® confidentially compares results with others in the industry.
  • Monitor trends overtime.
  • Reveals how products and services are performing.
  • Identifies areas that are most in need of improvement and those of greatest success.
  • Discloses and compares performance throughout the supply chain.
  • Receive notifications on items that deserve immediate attention.
  • Links performance metrics to employee and/or partner compensation, if so chosen. Internal collaboration to effectively resolve items that need attention.


Avid provides the expertise and marketing muscle needed to get the brand recognition and visibility home industry professionals deserve. The platform efficiently delivers these professionals the impact and credibility of a positive online presence.
Avid’s syndication includes third-party destinations such as retail sites, Avid public pages, Google SERP listings, badges on your own website, and more.
And, Avid’s syndication extends beyond retail. Avid also hosts pages as a third-party destination, linked via Google SERP listings, and badges on your own websites, and more.

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Star Ratings and Reviews

Generates ratings and reviews across the products and processes, that give you the insights to prioritize key opportunities and vulnerabilities.

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Social Media

Manage your company’s reputation and visibility across social media platforms, ensuring that positive reviews are seen by many. Full integration with social media accounts ensure positive feedback with the online community in just two clicks.

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Web Monitoring & Review Building

Avid protects and enhances your brand across popular online review destinations, and we monitor and alert you every time a review is made. We help build your online review presence by directing respondents to leave additional ratings and reviews across the web.

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Unmatched Technology & Security

Using the most advanced technologies on the market today, Avid fully utilizes responsive technology for optimized web & mobile experiences, enterprise-level data encryption to protect privacy, and web server instances and content delivery networks across the globe to ensure fast, scalable, and reliable services.

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Avid integrates with your key business systems to create effortless and automated sharing of data. Customers can more easily implement Avid through greater efficiencies, and see Avid data and insights directly inside the platforms you use every day.

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