Gain Valuable Customer Insights. 
Increase Homeowner Satisfaction. 
Skyrocket Your Sales.

Get honest feedback from your customers so you can celebrate the good, fix the bad, and make more money.

Homeowners don’t always speak up about their dissatisfaction. Especially when they have a good relationship with their contractor. While they may think it’s helpful not to rock the boat, we know it’s hurting your business to miss out on truthful insights.

By using a third-party survey platform, your customers will be more comfortable providing their honest feedback. We ask relevant, detailed questions. You get better answers to make better business decisions. Turn reactive into proactive with AvidCX.

Who will you be talking to?

Meredith Johnson

Meredith has been dedicated to helping industry professionals optimize their customer experience and grow their sales for 10 years.

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A Simple Four-Step Sign Up

Here’s how it works:

Discovery Call

When you sign up for AvidCX, you’ll receive a call from Meredith Johnson, our dedicated representative for the remodeling industry. Meredith will gather important details about your business and help you select a survey program that fits your personal needs.

Survey Setup

You’ll review the survey plan and customize the template with one of our customer success managers, ensuring every question is relevant and helpful to your business.

Survey Deployment

Once finalized, your survey will be sent out automatically to your customers. As the completed surveys come in, you’ll see the responses on your dashboard where you can examine which areas you excel in and which areas need improvement.

Sharing Results

You can share positive feedback from surveys directly to your Facebook page with one simple click of a button. We provide 24/7 web monitoring that gathers ratings and reviews from sites like Google, posting them to your dashboard. You’ll receive a real-time notification as soon as a new rating or review comes in.


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