Why Our Partners Choose AvidCX Over the Competition

Empowering housing professionals to improve customer experience through radical transparency and in-depth feedback.

Why Our Partners Choose AvidCX Over the Competition

Empowering housing professionals to improve customer experience through radical transparency and in-depth feedback.

What Makes Us Different

We’re partnered with Zillow®, the largest real estate site in the North America.


Zillow has over 173 million site visitors each month, and we’ve got the power of their platform on our side.

To help our partners attract new buyers from Zillow’s millions of visitors, we offer Zillow® Builder Ratings and Reviews: Powered by AvidCX – a free feature that helps homebuilders grow their businesses and strengthen their company’s reputation.

The housing industry is our specialty and we’re exceptionally good at it.


While competitors cater to multiple industry sectors, Avid Ratings is laser-focused on the housing industry. We are continuously growing our homeowner data and benchmarking database. Our partners work alongside an internal team of experts who have more than 28 years of housing-specific experience.

We work with 25% of the top homebuilders in North America, with over 1,000 homebuilder divisions – collecting more than 10 million reviews annually.

We ensure your success far beyond implementation.


Data and metrics software isn’t always easy to implement and navigate. That’s why Avid Ratings has a dedicated in-house client success team that provides one-on-one support.

Instead of a fully self-service model, we pride ourselves on offering world-class account management, support resources, and exceptional customer experience for every one of our partners.

We’re modern and innovative, evolving with the changing technology landscape.


Our competitors use mostly paper surveys, but we know that digitalizing the user experience is key for customer engagement. Almost 60% of survey respondents are on mobile devices and this number is increasing by nearly 4% every year.

We continue to modernize our survey experience to improve survey feedback. Our newest Smart Survey and Survey Pro features offer survey respondents a shorter, more intuitive experience without sacrificing key data our housing industry partners need.

We don’t take the power of ratings and reviews lightly.


To keep our housing industry partners connected to their customers online, we offer an automatic rating and review system that pulls in reviews from sites like Google and Yelp, directly to the platform.

As reviews and ratings come in, customers are notified in real-time. Does this matter? Absolutely. Businesses that respond to at least 25% of their reviews can see a 35% average increase in revenue. People trust companies more when they interact with customers, and this trust helps convert internet searchers into leads.

We’re not just a survey company.

We’re a full customer experience management solution.

Customer experience management is a big deal; 89% of customers will go to a competitor following a poor experience. Our competitors like to analyze only three touchpoints: move-in, mid-year, and year-end. But we look at the customer journey as a lifecycle uncovering 300+ data touchpoints from the first contact to last touch point.

AvidCX reports expand on survey results, comparing overall improvements and lifecycle trends of customer journeys. See your customer experience from a broader yet detailed perspective – better data and better insights to deliver better service.

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